TheraFUS Lab

TheraFUS laboratory works on novel low-intensity focused ultrasound (FUS) techniques therapeutic applications

Currently ongoing projects include

FUS-inducing blood-brain barrier opening to augment anticancer drugs delivery in brain tumors

FUS-augmenting drugs delivery to improve the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Ultrasound deep-brain neurostimulation for treating brain disorders and degenerative diseases

Numerical simulation of transcranial FUS based on highly resolved human and animal head models

What we do

FUS-aided anticancer drugs delivery

Our lab explores novel treatments for brain tumors based on focused ultrasound (FUS)-technology augmenting innovative anticancer drugs delivery [...]

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Drug delivery for treating neurodegenerative diseases

Our lab explores novel treatments for neurodegenerative disorders though FUS-augmented drugs delivery to the brain […]

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Ultrasound deep-brain neurostimulation

Our lab is equipped with all technologies needed to carry-out deep-brain neurostimulation through FUS application [...]

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Numerical simulation of transcranial FUS

Our lab is focused on the development of a highly resolved in silico model of ultrasound energy deposition in the human/animals brain [...]

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Our Team

Former Students

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