Currently ongoing projects include

FUS-inducing blood-brain barrier opening to augment anticancer drugs delivery in brain tumors

FUS-augmenting drugs delivery to improve the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Ultrasound deep-brain neurostimulation for treating brain disorders and degenerative diseases

Numerical simulation of transcranial FUS based on highly resolved human and animal head models

What we do

FUS-aided anticancer drugs delivery

Our lab explores novel treatments for brain tumors based on focused ultrasound (FUS)-technology augmenting innovative anticancer drugs delivery […]

Drug delivery for treating neurodegenerative diseases

Our lab explores novel treatments for neurodegenerative disorders though FUS-augmented drugs delivery to the brain […]

Ultrasound deep-brain neurostimulation

Our lab is equipped with all technologies needed to carry-out deep-brain neurostimulation through FUS application. […]

Numerical simulation of transcranial FUS

Our lab is focused on the development of a highly resolved in silico model of ultrasound energy deposition in the human/animals braiN […]

Our Team

PhD, Researcher

Head of TheraFUS Laboratory

Expert in FUS applications (BBB opening and acoustic nerve modulation), animal experiments and numerical simulations.

PhD, Associate Professor

Head of the Medical Physics Section hosting TheraFUS Laboratory

Expert in neurostimulation, numerical simulations and neurophysiological signal analysis.

Laboratory Technician

Expert in neurophysiological signal recording and analysis

Postdoctoral researcher

Expert in therapeutic ultrasound and in silico modeling.

contact information

Medical Physics

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Faculty of Medicine

00118 Rome Italy